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Local Area Overview

Grand Canyon National Park - It’s not often that one has an opportunity to see a major world wonder. Passing this up would be like going to Rome for a cup of coffee and leaving—so make the right call and enjoy one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the universe.

Lowell Observatory - If you’re not a lover of astronomy, the Lowell Observatory’s existence may be news to you—but for those who dig constellations and planets and such, it has opened visual doors to the world of outer space through it’s many public telescopes. The main facility on Mars Hill features a telescope built in 1896 as well as the Pluto Discovery Telescope, used by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 to discover the space body formerly known as a planet, Pluto. Great job, Clyde!

Arizona Snowbowl - Perhaps you didn’t know that skiing and Arizona had a relationship. Snowbowl is out to prove that the two have a rather serious one—and on top of that, one that lasts year round, as the Snowbowl also features a slew of summer mountain activities.

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Points of Interest
Airport - Flagstaff Pulliam5 M
Arizona Snowbowl7 M
Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra1 M
Grand Canyon National Park89 M
High Country Conference Center at Northern Arizona UniversityAdjacent
Historic Downtown1/2 M
Lowell Observatory1 M
Meteor Crater35 M
Museum Of Northern Arizona3 M
Northern Arizona UniversityAdjacent
San Francisco Peaks15 M
Sedona, AZ28 M
The Arboretum at Flagstaff6 M
1899 Bar and GrillAcross Street
Granny's Closet1 blk
Dairy Queen1/4 M
Jack In The Box1/4 M
Chili's1/2 M
McDonald's1/2 M
Beaver Street Brewery1/2 M
Red Lobster1 1/2 M
Olive Garden1 1/2 M
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