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"My name is Mary Catherine and I started working as an intern for Drury Hotels in May 2011. I leaned a lot about Drury Hotels from attending career fairs and classroom presentations at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I knew Drury was a company I wanted to work for, and thought an internship was the best way to get my foot in the door. My work as a Human Resources intern has allowed me to assist both the recruiting and benefits departments. I reviewed resumes, helped prepare for upcoming career fairs and distributed benefits information to over 4,000 team members. As my internship comes to an end, I am extremely happy with the decision I made. Not only have I learned a lot about Human Resources, but I’ve been able to shadow other positions that I find interesting, too. I am very thankful for everything I’ve learned during my internship and look forward to future opportunities with Drury Hotels!"

"My name is Linda and I am currently a senior at Purdue University. I am majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management. My first encounter with Drury Hotels was when I met with Drury recruiters at our career fair in the fall of 2010. After an information session and a short interview I knew that they were the hotel company I wanted to do my internship with. During the summer of 2011, I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful group of people at the Drury Inn Indianapolis in Indianapolis, IN and received all the experience I was promised and more. On my first day as a housekeeper, the other housekeepers would ask me if I needed help and were always willing to give me advice on how to clean the rooms better and faster. The front desk staff was always there whenever I had a question or problem, so I never felt unprepared for any task. I also had great managers, who were supportive and informative enough that I was confident to be on my own. After having gone through every department within the hotel, I have learned some important skills that I hope to use throughout my career in the industry. "

"My name is Justin and I first became interested in Drury Hotels at the Michigan Hospitality Education Alliance Career Fair in November 2009. I then continued to interview with them at the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality Career Fair in February 2010. I came across Drury Hotels when I was a junior at Ferris State University. I am now attending Sullivan University. I started my internship in Louisville, KY in May 2010 and have been a seasonal employee ever since. I am now a full time employee at Drury Inn & Suites in Louisville, KY. This was my most exciting internship rotating between every department in the hotel. It was a rewarding experience to be able to provide the extras for free. I became interested in Drury Hotels because of how the internship teaches you every department and how they work together. I was also drawn to Drury Hotels knowing that they are family owned and continue to grow every year. My goals with Drury Hotels are to become an Assistant Manager and then a General Manager. Drury Hotels is a great family to work for knowing the extras aren’t extra."

"My name is Elana and I came across Drury Hotels at our Recruiter's Fair at Missouri State University located in Springfield, Missouri. My major is Hospitality and Restaurant Administration. I had worked in a restaurant for the past six years so I really wanted the experience in the hotel industry. In April 2010, I was offered an internship at the Drury Inn in St. Peters, MO. I was very nervous my first day there because this team had been working together for about a year. I was trained as a Front Desk Agent first. Everyone was so nice, helpful, and understanding that I was new to everything. After I worked the Front Desk for a few weeks, I started learning the food and bar area. I also learned some housekeeping and really enjoyed getting to know everyone back there. Through this internship, I have learned a lot about the hotel industry and realized that I really enjoy working in a hotel. I am so grateful that I had this experience and I loved every moment of working with the team I had. I would love to continue to work for Drury after I graduate in December! This was an amazing opportunity."

"My name is Laura and I first came across Drury at my school’s recruiter’s fair in the spring of 2010. I’m a Hospitality and Restaurant Administration Major at Missouri State University in Springfield and at the time I met with the Drury recruiters I was a junior. I attended a Drury presentation and was amazed at the level of service that Drury has been known to offer guests day in and day out. The “extras aren’t extra” concept really intrigued me as all the hotels properties I had worked at previously seemed to try and charge the guest any chance they got! I decided to try for a summer internship in St. Louis (my home town) and was floored when I got a position at the Drury Inn St. Louis Airport location. I could not have asked for a better internship. Not only did I get to learn a little bit about every department in the hotel, I definitely left with knowledge of how to deliver the best service possible for the guest. The entire team at the Drury Inn St. Louis Airport location helped me learn and do everything I needed to complete my internship. I can honestly say I would not know as much as I do about the hospitality industry without this internship and I strongly recommend to anyone that has a chance to experience this great company that they make the most of it because it is really is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge about the hospitality industry."

"My name is Kashmira, also known as 'Kash'. I came across Drury Hotels at a career fair at the Conrad N. Hilton College at the University of Houston. In my junior year of college, Drury offered me an internship to help me learn exactly how the industry works. I can tell you for sure that I jumped into the company at the right time - the day our property began renovations. The first 3 months of work, I was positioned by the middle entrance and acted mostly as concierge. Soon after, I began training for front desk. Every single person on the front desk team at the Drury Inn and Suites Houston Galleria property has helped me advance in my career by training me to learn the duties of a Front Desk Agent. I'm thankful to work on such a supportive team. Through the internship program, I have learned a bit about each department and how it works, even getting to work with maintenance for a week! I am lucky to work for a company that is giving me great experience, and to be honest, I've loved every moment of working at Drury. Through the guidance and instruction from management, I can hopefully further my position in this company."

"My name is Roger and I started working at the Drury Inn & Suites Houston Near the Galleria. I'm majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston and heard about the Drury through Kash. Once I did my homework on how Drury operates, I applied and have liked everything that the Drury chain has offered. This is my first job working in a hotel, coming from about five years of working in restaurants and I absolutely love the atmosphere. I can deal with the general public, and it doesn't matter how I'm feeling prior to going to work, I never leave the Drury in a negative mood. I am the most junior employee by about a year and two months, enabling me to learn the ropes very quickly from those that know the system inside and out. I started in the bar, where I feel most at home and was able to adjust to the change of pace. The bar is my favorite position, due mainly to the fact that I don't know what type of conservation I will have on a day-to-day basis. I was blessed with the gift of gab, with which I like to engage the guest whenever possible. I am currently working through my front desk training, fielding the first impression side of the guest's experience and have picked up an excess of knowledge of how to deal with people in the morning, afternoon, and late night scenarios."


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